Sistem Open 90°

The SistemOpen90° is an automatic opening device for doors and/or windows, for hinged or transom doors for smokeproof filters or for rooms defined as “calm”. The system guarantees the complete opening of the window to 90°, ensuring the clear passage of at least 1 square metre, as required by current legislation. The product is designed to be as universal as possible, allowing 90° opening both if installed with transom or with classic hinged panels.

Under normal conditions, the window is kept closed by means of low-consumption electromagnetism powered by the detection control unit at 24 Vdc.

In the event of an alarm emitted by the control unit, the system will be disconnected, de-energising the closing electromagnetism and allowing the total opening of the window even in an absence of electricity. One of the main advantages of the system is, in fact, given by this particular release mechanism, for operation in complete safety and in full compliance with the law.

Opening occurs with the aid of a multi-lever system equipped with eyelets designed to facilitate, by means of a special rod supplied on request, the rearmament (reclosing) of the window after the alarm has ceased, even if the window is above the user’s normal operation.

The system is able to maximise the available window area, using a 90° opening of the window as opposed to other systems that open to a mere 30°. Furthermore, given the absence of electric motors, the probability of failure is reduced to a minimum.

SistemOpen90° is certified with Test Report no. 339108 issued by the Istituto Giordano S.p.A. and authorised by the Ministry of the Interior for the specific use of: “90° opening/closing of a frame/window over 1 m2, being of a transom type or with hinged opening”.


  • Low cost of supply and installation compared to other systems
  • Low electrical absorption
  • Ease of rearming (re-closing of the window after the alarm has ceased)
  • The almost-total universality of installation of the device
  • Great versatility
  • Clean and minimally invasive design
  • Reset rod available on request

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Extinguishing systems designed for the protection of large industrial and civil areas.


Our Aerosol extinguishing systems are efficient, free from environmental impact and competitive on the market due to their swift design, installation and maintenance.


Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) systems are simple, reliable and effective. Being easy to manage and maintain, they offer total safety even in large industrial production spaces.


Our inert gas systems use Argon and Nitrogen which, due to their nature, offer complete safety even on particularly delicate and precious materials.


Dry powder extinguishing systems, in particular with Sodium Bicarbonate, are ideal for extensive sites in the petrochemical industry.


Water Mist extinguishing systems are efficient, having no environmental impact and being non-toxic, offering a high extinguishing power thanks to the elevated pressurisation of the water that is not released as a “deluge” but is sprayed.


In the event of fire, these active safety systems guarantee the escape of any smoke from the safeguarded rooms, produced by the combustion in the areas at risk. With this mode, the SistemOpen90°™ ensures the areas are safe and smoke-free, guaranteeing the area leading to the escape routes is protected.


Designed to suppress and extinguish fires of solid materials, flammable liquid fuels and electrical equipment.


Particularly suited to areas in which extinction with water is not possible.


Foam Systems avail of a mixture of water and foam to extinguish fires and are particularly appropriate in the presence of flammable liquids.


For all systems using water as an extinguishing agent, these guarantee that the flow rate is exact so as to ensure perfect efficiency and reliability.


ESSECI S.r.l. offers an instrumentation rental service and performs tests directly with its own qualified technicians. On request, a Test Report signed by a Fire Prevention Expert can also be issued.


In the event of a fire, active safety systems guarantee a higher pressure in the safeguarded premises than in the other environments. In this way, they keep the safeguarded areas constantly free from smoke, creating a protected area leading towards the escape routes.


Our smoke and gas detection systems, with the relative alarm signalling systems and any extinguishing units, guarantee full protection against the risk of fire.


Integrated detection, video monitoring and extinguishing systems with remote control for the open-air storage of various kinds of flammable materials.


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